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The Highball Cider Cocktails.  Crisp & refreshing organic hard cider fused with unique cocktail treatments - heralded by the industry's most cutting edge bartenders. 

The series will launch with three varieties, each drawing inspiration from innovations in the craft cocktail world. They will feature the same base cider as the fermentable - using all organic, non-gmo apples. 

Ginger Mule Logo.png

Ginger I Mule is a clear nod to the moscow mule with ginger from our friends at Charlie's Redhouse Farm as the centerpiece. Herbaceous and flavorful, Ginger I Mule creates the perfect balance of spice and sweetness. 

Grapefruit Paloma Logo.png


Grapefruit I Paloma features a grapefruit and lime treatment that crafts a stellar balance of tart and sweet.

Mint Lime Logo.png

Mint I Lime draws inspiration from a finely crafted mojito - with its potent blend of lime and mint. It's bright and aromatic, with a tangy citrus burst that is wildly refreshing.