Bureaucracy exists to control for incompetence and lack of self discipline. 

Welcome to Peak.
We are an ambitious team of entrepreneurs with a tireless passion for furthering our mission and growing our business. Our mission is to revolutionize the barley and hop supply chain, and brew delicious beer.  The foundation of our organization is tenacity. We hold our team to the highest of expectations, and we believe our best results are realized by empowering our people. 

If you want to build something important, come work with us.  
If you want to own your day, come work with us.  
If you aren't afraid to fail, but are pissed off when you do, come work with us.

Our goal is for you to make an impact on our business, not the other way around. If that sounds exciting to you, we'd love to hear from you .  

A little more about us? 
80% of our team is generally over-caffeinated. 
7% of us are in a bowling league. 
One of us ran an Ironman, another is a world class runner. The rest of us honestly just need to stretch more. 
Our podcast game is eclectic, but we’re always looking for recommendations.

We are striving  to make Peak the most important brewery in the beer industry, and to revolutionize the supply chain for sustainably grown ingredients in the US. That goal is ambitious, but we genuinely believe it's attainable with the right people on the bus. Reach out if you'd like to learn more, we'd be excited to chat.